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Data Entry Clerk/Clerical

RA Rogers Inc

Crofton, MD

Data Entry Clerk

Marquez Brothers International, Inc.

$17 / Per Hour

San Jose, CA

Clerical/Data Entry

Jet Pep Inc.

Cullman, AL

Medical Data Entry

Windy City BillPro Inc

$16 - $17.5 / Per Hour

Chicago, IL

Data Entry Scanner

Randstad USA

Nashville, TN

Data Entry - $17/hr ($680/wk!) - Start Working TOMORROW!


Castro Valley, CA

Data Entry Operator


Frederick, MD

Data Entry Clerk

Red Dot Corporation

Seattle, WA

Data Entry Jobs Overview

Across almost every business, accurate data entry is critical for organizing, maintaining, and updating information, which is why data entry jobs remain as vital functions that run the gamut of sectors in the American workplace. Data entry clerks are hired in various industries, performing fundamental tasks that help streamline operations and digitize materials. While some employers favor job seekers who've taken basic computer courses or have had experience within an office environment, data entry positions don't usually require a college degree.

If you have swift typing skills, supreme attention to detail, and enjoy working with databases, you should consider a data entry job. Duties will include preparing source data for digital input; verifying current customer and account data (and adjusting as necessary); securing information by creating database backups; and contributing to an overall team effort to uphold customer confidence and data confidentiality.

Data entry positions come in all classifications: You can opt for freelance and contractor opportunities or work in-house as either a part-time or full-time employee. And these roles are often available as work-from-home positions, offering extra flexibility to those who need it. Besides data entry clerks, this field includes data entry keyers and typists/word processors.

You can also widen the net by looking for other administrative jobs. Or you may want to do a job search for the following related positions:

Data Entry Clerk Training and Skills

To flourish in any data entry job, you'll need to have some computer savvy, impeccable organizational skills, and an ability to process a lot of data on a daily basis to meet ongoing deadlines. In terms of education, employers will look for candidates with a high school diploma or GED. Monster can give you a preview on what to expect with this data entry clerk job description.

Update Your Data Entry Clerk Resume

Before you apply to data entry jobs, you'll want to polish up your resume so that it showcases your superior organizational skills and attention to detail. Monster can help too. Check out our data entry job resume sample, which addresses everything from certifications (such as any relevant software coursework) to work experience and skills.

If you want to really catch a recruiter's eye, you should add a cover letter to your application. Gain an advantage by reviewing the abundance of resources on Monster, including our large collection of cover letter samples and cover letter tips from our writing experts.

Interviewing for a Data Entry Job

You'll need to go through at least one interview for any data entry job, and you'll likely be interviewing with the office manager or someone in the administrative department. To prepare for a data entry job interview, you should prime yourself to respond to commonly asked questions without hesitation. Monster has you covered with this guide to popular admin-support interview questions, including effective ways to answer queries about your computer skills and how you stay organized.

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay?

Data entry jobs provide stable work and room for advancement, such as supervisory positions or even the chance to branch off into data analyst roles. Currently, the median pay for a data entry clerk in the U.S. is $15.17 an hour. Search around using the Salary Tools from Monster to retrieve specific pay details for data entry roles in different locations. You'll also find various salary-related information there too, including valuable advice on how to negotiate pay.

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