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Logistics Manager Jobs

Senior Finance Manager - Supply Chain Finance

British American Tobacco

Winston-Salem, NC

1 day ago
Supply Chain Coordinator-Clean Tech - Dundee, MI


Dundee, MI

NVOCC Logistics Freight Manager

Dunavant Logistics Group, LLC

Memphis, TN

16 days ago
Manager, Supply Chain Operations


Hobbs, NM

1 day ago
Supply Chain Manager

Randstad US

Miami, FL

1 day ago
Global Logistics Manager

Randstad US

Chester Springs, PA

10 days ago
Logistics Manager

TRC Staffing

Madison, GA

30+ days ago

Randstad Manufacturing and Logistics

Maryville, TN

30+ days ago
Logistics Manager

Bowhead / UIC Technical Services

Pearl Harbor, HI

30+ days ago

Logistics Manager Jobs Overview

Every company that moves or produces consumer goods needs logisticians to keep their supply chain running. Logistics manager jobs involve coordinating the movement of equipment, resources, and consumer products to and from various locations to keep businesses operational. Although logistics managers may work in a number of environments, they usually deal with factories, warehouses, and different modes of transportation, including freight trains, cargo ships, and aircraft carriers.

Logistics managers serve in leadership roles, meaning they command large teams of warehouse laborers, materials handlers, and even other logistics coordinators. If they work for a large company, logistics managers are often left in charge of operations in specific regions—even entire countries.

If you 're good at multitasking, not afraid of shouldering responsibility, and able to perform at maximum capacity under intense pressure, you might enjoy working as a logistics manager. If you 're interested in fulfilling a leadership role but aren 't sure whether this career is for you, there are more positions to consider. Some other business operations jobs dealing with logistics include:

Logistics Manager Education and Skills

Because logistics manager jobs come with a variety of responsibilities, recruiters typically look for people with a specific educational background. In order to apply for senior-level positions, you need to have completed a bachelor 's degree in logistics or a relevant field such as business administration or supply chain management.

Aside from education, recruiters also attach great value to relevant work experience. Applicants who have previously worked in transportation, database management, or resource allocation will enter the application process with an ace up their sleeve. Since logistics jobs rely heavily on technology, a familiarity with trade-specific software applications like radio-frequency identification (RFID) will also come in handy.

The same goes for licenses and certificates. Though by no means required, a certificate from the International Society of Logistics (SOLE) or Defense Acquisition University (DAU) shows employers that you possess a certain level of logistical knowledge, which means your resume will go to the top of the pile. Add some communication and problem-solving skills into the mix, and you 're sure to leave a good impression.

Update Your Logistics Manager Resume

When applying to senior-level positions like logistics manager jobs, it 's important to update your resume for each specific application. By tailoring your resume to a particular function, you can highlight relevant experience and skillsets to increase your chances of attracting the interest of an employer. Ready to update your resume? Don 't forget to check out Monster 's sample resumes for inspiration.

Because logistics managers are expected to oversee large teams of highly specialized workers, almost all applications will ask for a cover letter. These letters give employers an opportunity to gauge your qualities as a leader. Read this cover letter sample for a managerial position to learn how to highlight your leadership skills, or brush up on our cover letter tips showing you how to write an effective letter.

Interviewing for a Logistics Manager Job

If your resume and cover letter make a favorable impression on your employer, they may ask you to come in for a job interview. Depending on the seniority level of the position, the interview process may consist of a single round or multiple. However long it takes, be sure to read up on the kinds of questions you may have to answer. Examples include:

  • A customer files a complaint about a shipment. How do you respond?
  • How do you go about analyzing your team 's performance?
  • What kinds of logistics software applications have you used?

How Much Do Logistics Manager Jobs Pay?

The median salary for logistics managers in the U.S. is $68,923 a year. However, it should be noted that salaries can differ slightly depending on your location as well as the type of industry you work in. Check out Monster 's Salary Tools to learn how much your position pays where you live.

Learn More About Logistics Companies

Though job responsibilities remain mostly the same across the board, each company offers a vastly different work environment. Consider taking a look at Monster 's company profiles to get a better impression of which company is right for you in terms of size, location, and corporate history.

Create a Profile to Help Logistics Employers Find You Online

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