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Jun 2016

The latest in recruitment requires new solutions to help employers set themselves apart

Through Monster and kununu’s joint venture comes a new set of tools to help employers improve brand awareness and reputation.

By Mark Stoever, President & COO, Monster

In my daily conversations with customers and partners, one topic that continues to gain traction is the importance of employer brand as part of the overall recruiting experience. And, this makes good sense. When it comes to hiring, companies need to ensure people know who they are, what it’s like to work for them, and why they are an employer to consider.

That’s why Monster looks at recruiting through the lens of the customer journey that marketers and sales teams work on each and every day. It’s also why we have been hard at work to improve the ways we can help customers build and promote their employer brands, in ways that make sense for today’s Internet-fueled age of transparency and information sharing.

Today we unveiled a first set of enhanced capabilities to do just that—assist employers with their branding efforts, both on and off the Monster recruiting platform. Building atop the exciting U.S. joint venture announced in February with kununu, the leading platform for employer reviews in Europe, our new employer branding capabilities let employers take advantage of company profiles on both kununu and Monster, manage company reviews, extend profile information to job listings, and learn from vital intelligence about the candidate and employee experience. You can read more about all of this in our press release.

Taken together, these new capabilities round out an important part of the Monster recruiting platform, and can add greatly to its effectiveness for employers. Equally important, helping companies take charge of their reputation as employers and providing empowering information for potential job candidates means we are continuing to bridge the connection between jobs and people in increasingly sophisticated ways. Furthermore, this new set of solutions contributes to how we deliver on our company promise: bringing humanity and opportunity to the job market.

At Monster we continue to relentlessly innovate to deliver new ways to help our customers and improve and enhance what we already do for them every day. Today’s announcement is another step in our company evolution, and we are excited for what’s yet to come.

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