Mobile Application Development Careers

Nearly all Americans own a smartphone, and they use them to engage with apps more than the web.

Mobile Application Development Careers

Learn about mobile app development jobs.

Mobile app development can propel your tech career. Data states that nearly all Americans own a smartphone and almost half own a tablet. Think about how much time you spend just staring at your phone. We'd wager you're spending that time using an app (or apps, for the multitaskers among you).

Mobile users spending the vast majority of their time in mobile apps as opposed to mobile websites. As more people came to rely on their devices, employers jumped on the mobile app bandwagon and spawned loads of mobile app development companies, which makes app development one of the top tech skills job seekers can have on their resume.

The app market is heavily saturated, which anyone can see by taking a quick browse through the Google Play or Apple App stores. Since apps are a dime a dozen, it's important to develop the skills to create high-quality functioning apps that will run smoothly and impress users.

Here are some of the basics about mobile application development, the top mobile app development services, and what it can mean for your tech career.

Google and Apple

Google Play and the Apple App Store are the two most popular platforms for mobile app development. Both cater to different operating systems, Android and iOS respectively. To develop for Android, you will need the Software Development Kit from Google, which is free to download. For iOS, you will need to shell out $99 to sign up as a developer with the company and download the necessary developer kits.

Android vs iOS

One of the first questions you might face is whether to develop skills to create apps for iOS or Android. In the past, the main school of thought recommended starting with iOS and moving to Android next. However, Android has gained a stronghold of the market share, and globally it is now the most used mobile OS.

Since they are both the most popular mobile operating systems, if you are hired by a company to develop an app, chances are they will want one for each platform. Luckily, there are a number of cross-platform tool kits that will make it easier for you to quickly develop apps for both operating systems, without duplicating too much of your effort.

Complimentary Skills

There are some skills that go along with mobile application development that will greatly increase your chances and success in the field:

  • Agile, which helps organize, track, and log dev progress, can make you more appealing to businesses looking to add to their dev team.
  • JavaScript is another important aspect of mobile web development because it is a versatile language.
  • HTML and CSS have become very common in the world of app and web development.

Mobile App Development Job Stats

Most companies hiring a mobile app developer will want to see that you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and experience with programming.

The median salary for Android app developers is around $112,000 per year; the median salary for iOS app developers is slightly higher at $114,123 per year.

Curious? Check out mobile app developer jobs on Monster to see if you'd be a good fit. If you'd like to expand your job search, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the most employment for app developers are in these states:

and in these major areas:

Having the skills to design mobile applications can give you the flexibility to freelance or work for a company. Either way, app development is a tech job that pays well and has strong projected growth.

Use a Mobile App to Get a Mobile App Development Job

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