Fastest-growing jobs in demand right now

Two words that can change your life: Renewable energy…or health care…or information technology.

Fastest-growing jobs in demand right now

These careers have the most job opportunities.

You need a new job. Like, yesterday. But job searching is hard. It not only takes time, but there’s the constant threat of automation and outsourcing taking over the workforce. So you definitely want to look for the fastest-growing jobs and not waste your time with a dying profession. (Our sincerest apologies to anyone who had plans of growing up to be a floppy disk developer or a typewriter repair person.)

So, which jobs will yield the most opportunity over time? While the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average growth rate for all jobs is between 5% and 8%, we wanted to know which jobs are growing faster than the average. As in, faster-than-retired-NASCAR-driver-Jeff-Gordon fast. That’s why we identified the 20 fastest-growing jobs on the market, all of which are projected to grow by more than 23% between 2018 and 2028, according to BLS data.

Renewable energy jobs not only take the top two spots, but also tout growth rates that far surpass any other profession. According to BLS data, jobs for solar PV installers (No. 1) are projected to grow by 63% through 2028, while jobs for wind turbine service technicians (No. 2) are expected to increase by 57%. Job security, check!

However, you’ll also find that health care jobs, such as home health aides, personal care aides, and physician assistants, dominate the list, as the industry, as a whole, currently stands as the biggest job-creating sector in the labor market.

Click through the full list of fastest-growing jobs below.

1. Solar photovoltaic installers

Projected growth rate: 63%

Median pay: $42,680 per year

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2. Wind turbine service technicians

Projected growth rate: 57%

Median pay: $54,370 per year

Find all wind turbine service technician jobs on Monster.

3. Home health aides

Projected growth rate: 37%

Median pay: $24,200 per year

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4. Personal care aides

Projected growth rate: 36%

Median pay: $24,020 per year

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5. Occupational therapy assistants

Projected growth rate: 33%

Median pay: $60,220 per year

Find all occupational therapy assistant jobs on Monster.

6. Information security analysts

Projected growth rate: 32%

Median pay: $98,350 per year

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7. Physician assistants

Projected growth rate: 31%

Median pay: $108,610 per year

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8. Statisticians

Projected growth rate: 31%

Median pay: $87,780 per year

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9. Nurse practitioners

Projected growth rate: 28%

Median pay: $107,030 per year

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10. Speech language pathologists

Projected growth rate: 27%

Median pay: $77,510 per year

Find all speech language pathologist jobs on Monster.

11. Physician therapist assistants

Projected growth rate: 27%

Median pay: $58,040 per year

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12. Genetic counselors

Projected growth rate: 27%

Median pay: $80,370 per year

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13. Mathematicians

Projected growth rate: 26%

Median pay: $101,900 per year

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14. Operations research analysts

Projected growth rate: 26%

Median pay: $83,390 per year

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15. Software developers

Projected growth rate: 26%

Median pay: $103,620 per year

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16. Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists

Projected growth rate: 24%

Median pay: $39,600 per year

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17. Health specialties teachers, post secondary

Projected growth rate: 23%

Median pay: $97,370 per year

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18. Phlebotomists

Projected growth rate: 23%

Median pay: $34,480 per year

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19. Physical therapist aides

Projected growth rate: 23%

Median pay: $26,240 per year

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20. Medical assistants

Projected growth rate: 23%

Median pay: $33,610 per year

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