These are the highest-paying jobs in Texas

You don’t earn the tagline “everything’s bigger in Texas” by playing small ball.

These are the highest-paying jobs in Texas

Get to know the highest-paying jobs in Texas.

You don’t earn the tagline “everything’s bigger in Texas” by playing small ball, and the highest-paying jobs in Texas are your ticket to living large in the Lone Star State. Speaking of, Texas is home to the three of the 10 biggest cities in the country—Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, which also happen to be three of the top 10 metro areas with the largest population growth from 2010 to 2019—and Austin is likely to join them by 2021. Furthermore, Houston, Dallas, and Austin come in at numbers 1, 4, and 5 (respectively) as the cities with the largest houses in America, according to a LendingTree survey.

Not only are the homes big, but so is the population. Texas is the second most populous state behind California, and according to U.S. Census Bureau’s July 1, 2019, population estimates, six of the 10 counties in America with the largest population gains this decade were in Texas—Harris, Tarrant, Bexar, Dallas, Collin, and Travis.

No surprise, Texas is also home to the second-largest economy in the country ($1.9 trillion). You can search for any jobs in Dallas, HoustonAustin, or San Antonio. But if you’re looking to earn big bucks in a big way, take a look at these highest-paying jobs in Texas.

10 highest-paying jobs in Texas

1. Anesthesiologists

Employment: 2,550
Annual mean wage: $241,090

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2. Surgeons (except ophthalmologists)

Employment: 3,480
Annual mean wage: $263,580

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3. Chief executives

Employment: 6,170
Annual mean wage: $231,310

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4. Family medicine physicians

Employment: 8,380
Annual mean wage: $222,900

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5. Dentist, specialists

Employment: 670
Annual mean wage: $215,250

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6. Psychiatrists

Employment: 1,480
Annual mean wage: $209,980

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7. Physicians, all other

Employment: 23,490
Annual mean wage: $200,590

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8. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Employment: N/A
Annual mean wage: $199,330

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9. Orthodontists

Employment: 570
Annual mean wage: $195,270

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10. Pediatricians

Employment: 2,250
Annual mean wage: $186,410

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