List of important skills for a marketing resume

Marketing jobs require certain skills, and having these on your resume could help land a great job—and promising career path.

List of important skills for a marketing resume

Marketing is a fast-paced field that keeps evolving with new tools and new approaches. How do you keep up and stand out in the applicant pool? What marketing skills should your resume describe to get that hiring manager to call you back? Here are some top skills employers are looking for:

Key general marketing skills

If you are applying to entry-level jobs, it's not as important to show experience as it is to show some fundamental qualities that convey your potential for great marketing work. These key qualities are important no matter how long you've been in the field.

On your resume, list descriptive examples of:

  • Exceptional communication skills. Show that you are a great communicator by describing how you've successfully used effective writing and oral skills. Marketing is knowing how to appeal to people, how to communicate an idea, story, or feeling most effectively.
  • Creativity and imagination. Marketers have to come up with fresh, new, and exciting ways of branding products and services and brainstorm ways to create mass appeal for those products and services. This requires an enormous amount of creativity.
  • Interpersonal skills. Marketing consists of engaging people, so solid interpersonal skills are necessary for doing the job well. You will also be working with teams of other marketers and constantly interacting with creators in connected fields like design and publishing. Good interpersonal skills are especially crucial for big, collaborative projects.
  • Influencer abilities. Influencers have a natural or learned ability to encourage others to think in new ways, to reconsider perspectives. They know how to inspire and generate interest in any idea and have an underlying psychological astuteness and emotional awareness, all qualities for successful marketing.
  • Business savvy. Marketers need good business sense and should understand the practical and intuitive rules of commerce. Marketing goals are intrinsically connected to business goals.
  • Analytic skills and numeracy. Depending on the specific job description, you will need to interpret and analyze online traffic results, conversion rates, statistics, and so on. Comfort with numbers, graphs, and charts is a valuable asset.

Trend-savvy marketing skills

The array of new tools, ideas, and approaches in the marketing world is dazzling. You can impress any employer with your command of relatively new and constantly expanding marketing trends, like content marketing, social media, mobile, and email marketing.

List and describe your competencies with specific apps, software, and online marketing tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite. Show your design savvy with software and platforms like Adobe Photoshop or Canva.

Niche marketing skills and experience

Depending on the kind of marketing job you are applying for, you may have to show specific certification or training in a certain field. Many marketers focus on specialized or niche industries.

To do market research for a biotech company, you may have to show a background in related fields like biology or biochemistry. On the other hand, a marketing job for a sports magazine may ask for some familiarity with the sports marketing niche.

Your resume is your moment to stand out. Do your research so that you understand the needs of your potential employer. Tailor the marketing skills on your resume to engage with those needs. Use descriptive examples and focus on proven attributes to create a strong impression.