List of important skills for a sales resume

Having the right skills on your sales resume can make a big difference.

List of important skills for a sales resume

Salespeople are some of the most inventive workers. Knowing how to sell—really sell—takes gumption, wit, charisma, and a kaleidoscopic knowledge of your subject. Translating these proven skills to paper might seem like a whole other kind of challenge though; employers are discerning, and every word counts.

But with a little guidance, your sales resume will be good to go. Here's what you need to know about spotlighting the most important sales skills on your resume.

Show results-driven sales skills

Sales industries are fundamentally results-driven. When applying to sales jobs, the biggest impression you can make is showing what you've done and how you did it. List your experiences in terms of accomplishments and list conversion rates and percentages—specific number values are key.

If you averaged 15 new customers per month in a sales company or increased revenue by 20% in five months by introducing a new strategy, these are concrete examples that show proof that you can get results. No employer can overlook that.

List your experience with data analysis and sales software

In sales, you are endlessly working with numbers. Transforming basic sales skills to the level of influential change and significant company impact involves analyzing and understanding data.

If you have experience working with charts, graphs, and data analysis, include all the specifics. If you've worked with sales analytics software, this experience would be considered a useful asset.

Include experiences that are a clear asset to a sales position

Results are a key part of your resume, but if you are seeking entry-level jobs, you may not have any kudos to show off yet. Don't underestimate the value of your non-sales employment or non-employment experiences. Mine through your personal history to dig up treasures that could be an asset to a sales job.

If you were on the fundraising committee of your college dance club and spearheaded a campaign that raised $7,000 for new equipment and studio space for rehearsal, this is a valuable accomplishment that will impress your prospective employer. It shows the skills of a salesperson outside of a job environment. Be sure to list other accomplishments, awards, and noteworthy activities that sell your best qualities.


There's no such thing as a great salesperson who's not also a great people person. This trait goes hand in hand with a sales career. Therefore, your resume needs to highlight your sales successes due to your communication style or unique charisma. List examples where you consistently met customer concerns and addressed customer needs. Detail any experience giving presentations at company meetings or conferences.

Leadership and ambition

Any leadership roles or examples of taking initiative are important. Describe your involvement in community programs and volunteering initiatives or any management experience in your former jobs. They show your independence and ambition and your interest in motivating groups of people. You should also prove your ability to collaborate with teams.

Independence is important, but the ability to adapt between working alone and taking an active role within a group is crucial for many sales initiatives.

Look over your resume often before submitting it. Edit for clarity and specificity. Make sure the sales skills on your resume are relevant and descriptive and present your abilities in the best possible light.