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IT Support Specialist



1 day ago
IT Support Specialist


Bismarck, ND

6 days ago
IT Support Specialist

Universal Research Solutions LLC

Columbia, MO

13 days ago
IT Support Specialist

VIA Technical, LLC

San Diego, CA

12 days ago
Plant IT Support Specialist

Altec Industries, Inc.

Burnsville, NC

26 days ago
Peer Support Specialist


Indiantown, FL

1 day ago
IT Support Specialist II

TRC Staffing

Alpharetta, GA

10 days ago
IT Support Specialist

AMS Staffing, Inc.

$20 - $30 / Per hour

New York City, NY

6 days ago
IT Support Specialist


Appleton, WI

3 days ago

IT Support Specialist Jobs Overview

We use computers every day, but we're not all experts when it comes to fixing a failed login or setting up a new monitor. This is where tech-savvy IT specialists come in. IT support specialists oversee computer systems for businesses and provide help and advice to users—both remotely and in person. Because technology is constantly improving and updating, IT specialists will continue to be in demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an 8% increase in IT support specialist jobs over the next 10 years.

As an IT support specialist, you mostly work alone, although you do report to your manager, and you'll work together with coworkers to resolve bigger tech issues. Your most important task is to provide support and assistance to computer users. This involves listening closely to your customers to diagnose the problem so you can move on to resolving it. You'll help with hardware and software issues and keep track of your completed tasks using ticket-tracking software. Additionally, you'll keep software systems updated and analyze cost-analysis data when hardware needs to be upgraded. Lastly, you'll back up and maintain databases and restore files when needed.

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IT Support Specialist Education and Skills

To successfully apply to IT support specialist jobs, you'll need an associate or bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science, or computer engineering. In some cases, you might also be considered for the job if you've graduated high school and can prove you have the right computer knowledge and skills.

Along with knowledge about software and hardware, you'll need a set of particular skills to perform your jobs duties. Great customer-service and listening skills are essential when hearing about your clients' problems and helping them out efficiently. Excellent communication techniques will come in handy when conveying instructions to people who are less technically minded. Last but certainly not least, you'll need problem-solving skills to identify issues and come up with clever solutions.

You can read our article on how to become an IT specialist to learn more.

Update Your IT Support Specialist Resume

You'll want to review and update your resume before applying to IT support specialist jobs. You can use our free sample resume for IT professionals as a template. Or look at our resume tips, where we help you create a professional resume that stands out for all the right reasons.

Your cover letter should include your enthusiasm for the new job, what you have to offer the company, and additional information about previous jobs that didn't fit on your resume. Take a look at our cover letter tips before you start writing, or feel free to use our cover letter samples.

Interviewing for an IT Support Specialist Job

Do you feel nervous right before an interview? You're not alone. Most of us want to impress a potential new boss while being honest, which can lead to feeling pressure and anxiety. Luckily, at Monster, we have a solution: sample interview questions. We give you an idea of the questions you can expect and help you formulate your answers. Take a look at these sample interview questions and answers for IT professionals for example! Questions you can expect are:

  • Tell us about your technical background and experience.
  • How do you provide technical assistance and support to customers?
  • What types of IT software are you most proficient at?

How Much Do IT Support Specialist Jobs Pay?

Curious about your next paycheck? Computer support specialists earn a median income of $21.83 an hour, but your salary will depend on your location, job title, and experience. To learn more about your potential new income and ways to advance your career, check out our Salary Tool.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

Do you prefer doing thorough research before applying to any job? Then don't forget to check out our business profiles page and search for the company you're thinking of applying to. You'll find the company's background information, employee benefits, size, photos and videos, and much more.

Monster Supports Careers in IT

If you know how to handle computer malfunctions and fix user errors, then a job as an IT specialist might be right for you. Sign up for a profile on Monster and use your online resume to apply to IT support specialist jobs today. In return, we'll send you career advice and the latest job openings.