10 companies where you can give back and still make a buck

B corporations are concerned with much more than turning a profit. They also aim to make the world a better place.

10 companies where you can give back and still make a buck

You make socially conscious decisions in much of your life—you recycle, you donate, and you genuinely try to help your community where you can. It's only natural to want to extend that spirit to your career. So how do you find a job you love that also pays a decent salary?

Enter the “B Corporation.”

What is a B Corporation?

B corporations are for-profit companies that are certified by the nonprofit organization B Lab as socially responsible for their accountability, transparency, and environmental and social performance. 

“As a result of the high social and environmental standards required of certification, Certified B Corporations tend to have progressive governance and worker policies and practices that make for a more fulfilling work environment,” according to a B Lab spokesperson. “Certified B Corporations value their employees and therefore make an effort to better engage them in multiple avenues of their business practices.” 

This business trend of transparency and socially driven companies has reached more than 2,350 Certified B Corps in more than 50 countries in 130 industries working together redefine success in business.

The B Corp Declaration is as follows:

  • That we must be the change we seek in the world.
  • That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered.
  • That, through their products, practices and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.
  • To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

B Corps share information and decision-making with employees and stakeholders, not just shareholders, and are required to score at least 80 of 200 points for their certifying score. More importantly though, they are companies with a clear social mission and everything they do—from the way they produce their products to the way the company treats its employees—is in line with those beliefs. 

If you’re looking for a place to work where the company cares both about the health of the company and its employees, this might be your answer. 

B corporations hiring now

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

Headquarters: Montpelier, Vermont
What they do: Cabot is a co-op of 1,100 dairy farm families in New York and New England with four plants in three states producing cheese, yogurt, butter, and other dairy products.
What makes them a B Corp: The co-op strives for environmental sustainability by working to reduce groundwater consumption and using fewer chemicals. Also, the co-op, along with partner companies, runs a Reward Volunteers program. Participants log their volunteer hours to be entered in monthly cash and prize giveaways as well as annual grand prizes.

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Cascade Engineering

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Michigan
What they do: Cascade Engineering is a manufacturer specializing in plastic injection molding. It produces products for industries including automotive and office furniture.
What makes them a B Corp: As one of the world’s largest B corporations, Cascade focuses on the “triple bottom line,” which means equal importance is placed on people, planet, and profit. The company runs a Welfare to Career program, which helps individuals get off public assistance and into meaningful, well-paying careers. Cascade is also committed to being an anti-racism organization by openly identifying, challenging, and discussing issues of race in order to be a diverse and inclusive company.

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Dr. Bronner’s

Headquarters: Vista, California
What they do: Dr. Bronner’s is one of the top-selling brands of organic and fair-trade body care products in the U.S.
What makes them a B Corp: Bronner’s products are made with 99% certified organic ingredients, and more than 75% of materials are Fair Trade Certified. Annually, more than 2% of sales are donated to charity; employees receive a salary that is more than 25% above a living wage.

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Eileen Fisher

Headquarters: Irvington, New York
What they do: Eileen Fisher is a women’s clothing and accessories retailer with more than 60 stores nationwide.
What makes them a B Corp: In 2015, 46% of their products were made using eco-preferred materials, and the company purchases renewable energy credits to power corporate spaces using 100% wind energy. The majority of the company’s charitable donations were made to local markets that the company sources from or operates in. In addition, more than 75% of their executives are women.

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Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York
What they do: Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items, creative goods, and craft supplies.
What makes them a B Corp: Etsy works to create an environmentally sustainable company and has pledged to be powered by 100% renewable electricity by 2020. Its offices compost most of their organic waste, and the company offers financial incentives for employees to switch to wind and solar power in their homes. Additionally, Etsy offers its employees paid time off to volunteer and matches employee charitable giving up to $500 per employee.

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Maxwell Health

Headquarters: Boston
What they do: Maxwell provides an HR and benefits technology platform that creates a health-care, wellness, and financial services marketplace in order to help people live healthier lives and save money for the future.
What makes them a B Corp: The company operates on the principle that it can be valuable to customers in a way that never jeopardizes society or the environment. It pays all employees a living wage, offers paid time off for community service, and has an office-wide recycling program. Maxwell uses more than 5% renewable energy in its corporate facilities.

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Headquarters: Ventura, California
What they do: Patagonia is a clothing retailer that focuses on sporting and outdoor wear.
What makes them a B Corp: The company works to minimize its environmental impact in the production of its products. Patagonia also donates 1% of its sales to nonprofit environmental groups, and in 2016, the company donated 100% of its Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental charities. Patagonia has also joined with other B corporations to create a $35 million tax equity fund to provide solar power to homes in southwestern U.S.; it has already provided 1,000 rooftop solar systems for homes in Hawaii.

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Revolution Foods

Headquarters: Edison, New Jersey
What they do: Revolution strives to create healthy lunches that schoolchildren like to eat, and also to provide lunches for 1,000 schools in 30 major cities. It also produces healthy meals for them to eat at home.
What makes them a B Corp: The company involves children in recipe creation to craft meals that kids will enjoy. It also uses quality ingredients; avoids artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners; and works to keep the meals affordable.

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Seventh Generation

Headquarters: Burlington, Vermont
What they do: Seventh Generation is a leading brand of green household and personal care products such as dishwashing liquids, hand soaps, and even diapers.
What makes them a B Corp: Their offices are LEED certified; more than 25% of their energy use comes from renewable sources; and 100% of their products are non-toxic. Seventh Generation also covers health insurance for their half-time employees

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Warby Parker

Headquarters: New York City
What they do: Warby Parker is an eyeglasses and sunglasses retailer.
What makes them a B Corp: For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates to nonprofits that provide glasses and basic eye exam training to men and women in developing countries.

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