Nursing as a second career

If you're considering a career change into nursing, read this advice on how to make a successful transition.

Nursing as a second career

Attracted by healthy demand, good salaries and prospects for more meaningful work, many mid-career workers -- including some men -- are giving nursing a closer look as a second career. So how do you get there from where you are?

Whether you decide to be an LPN/LVN or RN, you can find a nursing program that's suited to your current educational level and time frame.

Once you've gotten your education and license, what can you expect on the floor? Along with the rewards that come from caring for patients, you'll likely experience a few letdowns common to novice nurses. You'll also face -- and learn to handle -- on-the-job issues you may not have encountered in your previous career.

Read on for advice on how to forge a successful second career as a nurse: