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5 Steps For Turning Your Contract Position Into a Full-Time Job

"When looking to land that full-time role, it starts with doing all the little things right and that includes 'soft skills'"

5 Steps For Turning Your Contract Position Into a Full-Time Job

For many, the shift to a contract-to-hire position might seem impossible but there are steps employees can take to make themselves a more attractive full-time candidate.

Danielle Durko, branch manager of Finance & Accounting at Addison Group, a provider of professional staffing and search services, has five tips that will help you turn a temp position into a full-time job.  

Don’t ignore the soft skills

When looking to land that full-time role, it starts with doing all the little things right and that includes “soft skills.” Be punctual and present in everything you do and don’t overlook the importance of dressing the part. It’s also critical that you maintain a positive attitude – demonstrate your professionalism and prove you’re the type of player people want on their team.

Take initiative

If your workload slows down and you find yourself with some extra time, volunteer to help in jump in on other assignments. It gives you an opportunity to showcase skills you may not have the opportunity to use otherwise. Also, demonstrate your desire to learn and develop your skill set by taking advantage of training opportunities offered by your employer.

Keep an open mind

While you may have your eye on a certain full-time role within a company, consider other full-time positions that may be a fit. To open doors to these opportunities, build a network inside the company’s four walls with employees across departments. For example, if you’re in accounting, schedule an informational meeting with the controller. By keeping your options open, you may stumble across a career path you never knew you’d love.

Don’t push too hard

While expressing interest in a full-time role is important, make sure you are continuing to prioritize on the job you were initially hired for. Focus on proving yourself in your current position, then consider scheduling a conversation about your future at the company in a timely manner. In the meantime, ask your manager for feedback and advice on how you can demonstrate value.

Build relationships 

Make an effort to get to know people at all levels of the organization. Grabbing coffee or lunch serve as great opportunities to ask for feedback or general career advice. Getting to know your coworkers on a more personal level will shed light on how you would mesh with the team in a permanent role. It also helps you build your network overall – you never know when you may run into someone down the line.

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