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Marketing Manager Employment Information

Marketing Manager Overview Marketing Managers work with a variety of staff to plan programs to develop interest in ...

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Marketing Manager Overview

Marketing Managers work with a variety of staff to plan programs to develop interest in services or products. Their duties include setting budgets for marketing plans, planning promotional campaigns, developing price strategies, planning advertising, initiating market research studies and meeting with clients to provide marketing advice. These professionals oversee the staff that develops advertising and serve as liaisons between the client and promotion agency. In addition, they may oversee in-house accounts and media services departments and monitor trends for product or service development. The goal is to establish brand, increase market exposure and capture sales.

Marketing Manager Education Requirements

Most marketing management, promotions and advertising positions require a bachelor's degree. Some may even prefer a degree in journalism or advertising. A relevant course of study might include studies in visual arts, communication methods and technology, marketing, market research and consumer behavior. Other courses, such as computer science and economics, are also advantageous. For example, courses in computer science are helpful for online promotions and advertisements. Employers also favor internships for hands-on experience.

Marketing Manager Job Outlook

According to statistics, the demand for Marketing Manager jobs will grow by 12 percent through 2022 as marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns will continue to be essential for companies seeking to maintain and expand market share. These professionals will be needed to manage digital media campaigns and to introduce new products and services to the market. The continued rise of electronic media will fuel the need for Marketing Manager jobs to market to specific localities. Similar positions would be as a Brand/Product Manager.

Marketing Manager Salary

According to statistics, the median annual wage for Marketing Managers is $119,480. The top 10 percent earned over $180,000, and the lower 10 percent earned less than $43,000. Most marketing managers work full time and more than a third work more than 40 hours per week.

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