Pharmacist resume sample

Pharmacist resume sample

A prescription for a successful job search includes a standout resume that sets you apart from the crowd of competitors. So if you're looking for top pharmacist jobs, ask yourself this: Does your resume focus on the right skills and experience to impress hiring managers, or is it past its expiration date? If you can't say for sure, review this sample resume for a pharmacist below to see how you can convey your smarts, and download the pharmacist resume template in Word. Then, once you've written your resume, be sure to review these questions you might be asked during a pharmacist interview.

Jobs for pharmacists are projected to grow by 6% (or 17,400 jobs) from 2016 through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You'll find the highest level of employment for this job in the following states: CaliforniaTexasNew YorkFlorida, and Pennsylvania; and in the following metropolitan areas: New York CityChicagoLos AngelesHouston, and Atlanta

As a pharmacist, you can expect to earn a median wage of $124,170 per year, or $59.70 per hour, according to the BLS.

Step 1: Research

If you're preparing your resume for a specific employer, visit its Web site to learn about its services, goals, mission and corporate culture. Take notes about how you would fit in and add value to the operation. If you're not targeting a specific opportunity, search for pharmacist jobs on Monster, and study ads that interest you. Review the job descriptions and requirements to find out what's important to hiring managers. Once you have a clear idea of what employers want, you can start developing a compelling resume.

Step 2: Write

Pretend you're a director of marketing writing a dynamic description of a new product just hitting the market. You've done your research, so you know what your buyer wants. Here's how you can organize your credentials:

  • Resume headline: Create a brief headline that encapsulates your career goal and one or two of your top qualifications. For example: NY-Licensed Pharmacist—Five Years' Experience and PharmD Degree.
  • Career summary: Present your value proposition—a narrative statement of the main reasons you should be called for an interview. Here's an example:
    NY- and NJ-licensed clinical pharmacist offers a PharmD degree and 10 years of acute-care/hospital experience. Thorough knowledge of computerized drug-distribution systems, drug-utilization evaluation, complex equipment and delivery systems, emerging medications, inventory management and regulations governing pharmacy services. Serves as an effective liaison between the healthcare team and the community to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes. Completed clinical pharmacy residency at the renowned ABC Medical Center.
  • Key skills: Create a list of your most relevant skills. This is a great way to add important keywords so your resume is found in an electronic applicant search. Include specialty areas (e.g., acute/critical care, ICU, retail, nuclear pharmaceuticals) and important skills (e.g., pharmacology, dispensing/compounding, medication therapy, pharmaceutical research, MedE America Pharmacy System).
  • Employment history: Provide a reverse-chronological work history. Recent grads should include internships, externships, clinical rotations, and preceptorships. Experienced workers may move these to the education section. Describe your job duties as well as accomplishments, showing how you went above and beyond your responsibilities to help your employer or department. Think about how you improved workflow, enhanced patient/customer satisfaction, saved money or time, generated revenue, managed inventory levels, trained employees, and built positive relationships.
  • Education: List education, training, and licensure, as well as academic honors, scholarships and extracurricular activities. New grads should place the education section before the experience section.



Pharmacist Resume Sample

Jordan Ross, PharmD
Sometown, PA 19000 | 215-555-5555 | | LinkedIn URL

Retail Pharmacist

PA-licensed pharmacist with experience delivering high-quality pharmaceutical care in retail settings. Combine clinical skills with business acumen and a proven ability to grow pharmacy revenues. Research, prepare and dispense medications and other pharmaceuticals according to professional standards and legal requirements.

Skilled public speaker and trainer. Present in-service training seminars on topics such as:

Patient education and advocacy | Pharmaceutical ethics | The role of the retail pharmacist | Emerging medications | Medication safety | Regulatory compliance | Insurance billing


Retail Pharmacy Operations | Drug Utilization Review | Final Quality Assurance Checks
Inventory Control | Vendor Negotiations | Pharmacy Marketing and Promotions
Patient Counseling | Pharmaceutical Research | MedE America Pharmacy System


Staff Pharmacist, 8/2011 to Present
ABC Pharmacy, Sometown, PA

Manage ancillary staff in fulfilling more than 1,500 prescriptions weekly. Consult with physicians and patients with regard to medication dosage, drug interactions, medical equipment, disease management and potential side effects of prescription and OTC medications. Dispense and compound prescriptions, and maintain accurate patient records, dosing information and directions for use. Keep abreast of new developments within the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieved 28% revenue increase in FY2016 as key member of pharmacy team:

  • Built solid customer relationships and delivered exceptional service
  • Cross-promoted similar products to maximize add-on sales
  • Cultivated a network of physicians that referred an average of 75 new patients monthly
  • Started a vaccine program that expanded patient base

Redesigned workflow, revamped displays and cut costs:

  • Improved drug-inventory management system to reduce waste and eliminate backorders
  • Refreshed displays monthly and optimized point-of-sale items based on season
  • Increased discount rate from 10% to 16% with key supplier
  • Introduced labeling system that saved $8,000 annually


Licensed Pharmacist • State of Pennsylvania
XYZ University, Sometown, PA • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
Clinical rotations at ABC Medical Center (ambulatory care) and DEF Pharmacy (compounding)
ABC University, Sometown, PA • Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology


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