Best jobs for people who enjoy teamwork

Work can be more fun if you’re not the only one. These jobs are great if you like being a part of a team.

Best jobs for people who enjoy teamwork

It’s one thing to work well with others, but another to actually enjoy working with others.

Teamwork is an important soft skill employers look for in candidates, and some people thrive on collaborating with others. If that sounds like you, and you’re looking for a career change, look no further.

Recently, Monster partnered with employee-review platform kununu to identify the workplace factors that workers rate as most important to their job satisfaction. Using kununu's star rating system—1 (low) to 5 (high)—we identified the top industries for teamwork and then rounded up jobs hiring on Monster within the top industries that have a three-star rating or higher for teamwork.

Check out the list below if you believe teamwork can make your career dreams work. (And if you prefer to work solo, hey, that’s cool—we have plenty of jobs for you, as well.)

1. Tax consulting/auditing

Why you’d be great for this job: Reality check: Tax consultants and auditors aren’t busy only in April. And you wouldn’t be squirreled away in a dark office staring at the 180-page instruction booklet for the basic 1040 tax form.  Instead, you’d be advising finance teams on local and federal taxes, preparing and examining financial records, and providing analysis of the most advantageous ways to work within the tax codes. It’s a given that being good with numbers is a must. So is having the ability to work well with other people. Like most consultants (see No. 5 on our list), accountants and auditors advise a variety of clients and companies on complicated and detailed cost-saving measures and typically work on teams that may range from junior accountants to CFOs.

Common job titles: auditor, accountant

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2. Human resources/staffing and recruiting

Why you’d be great for this job: The phrase “people person” was created to describe anyone who works in human resources, staffing, and recruiting. Their role is to help people find jobs and companies make great hires. You certainly can’t do that alone. The process of filling open jobs requires a team that can include the hiring manager, a benefits administrator, and even the legal department with the recruiter as the driving force coordinating all of these departments to a common goal. But it doesn’t end as soon as you fill a job. Human resources departments frequently work with other internal departments to develop employee training and benefits programs. And you’d be available to advise current employees on career development and advancement within your organization or company.    

Common job titles: corporate recruiter, human resources consultant, risk management director

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3. Internet/media

Why you’d be great for this job: You’d be surprised to know how many people it really takes to make that cat meme go viral. Seriously, web, social media, and publishing companies are all centered around a variety of teams either building, coding, writing, shooting, selling, or promoting their content. As part of a media team, you not only would collaborate with writers, editors, photographers, video crews, and broadcasters on a daily basis, you also need to be able to work across departments, such as legal, marketing, sales, and PR. Add social media into the mix, and you’re likely to work with a variety of clients, agents, traffic analysts, and maybe even some celebrities. Meanwhile, web developers and designers work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure the site’s goals are met.

Common job titles: Web developer, editor, social media manager

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4. Arts/culture/entertainment

Why you’d be great for this job: Ensemble. Crew. Cast. These words are all used to describe the teams of actors, dancers, engineers, and producers who work in the performing arts and entertainment business. Similarly, museums and galleries require  curators, historians, publicists, and customer service representatives to work together to produce small gallery shows and big blockbuster museum exhibits. And beyond that, head chefs, sous chefs, and station chefs all work together to cook each course of a meal, in addition to working with the servers taking the orders and delivering the food. Lastly, event coordinators team up with all types of people—from florists and caterers to DJs and security—to pull off events like weddings, fashion shows, and fundraisers.

Common job titles: actressevent coordinator, event planning

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5. Consulting

Why you’d be great for this job: This seems like an obvious one as far as teamwork is concerned. Consultants work with organizations to make them more efficient and cost-effective. Although some people work for a specific company, most work for consulting firms that get hired on a contractual basis by different businesses and many enjoy working with a diverse group of clients.

Common job titles: marketing consultant, management consultant, business consultant

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6. Market research

Why you’d be great for this job: As a market researcher you’d need to be able to work with diverse groups of people ranging from outside vendors to corporate executives when conducting your research and presenting your analysis. You’d get to work on teams with sales, marketing, and product to analyze large data pools for studies and to drive business initiatives in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, software, and consumer products.

Common job titles: Market research analyst, survey researcher, data collector

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7. Information technology/network security

Why you’d be great for this job: You might think you only need to be good with computers to work in tech, but you need to be good with people, too. In fact, nearly half of IT executives rank teamwork as the top soft skill for employees, according to a CompTIA study. For instance, think back on a time when you had a problem with your computer and called tech support. As a customer service rep, you need to have excellent people skills, so you can work with customers to solve their problems. There are also a number of other tech jobs that are perfect for extroverts, including IT project managers and scrum masters.

Common job titles: Cyber security analyst, IT customer service representative, IT project manager

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