The nanny might be poised for a boom by 2022

You can make an extra $12 per hour on the side with this part-time job.

The nanny might be poised for a boom by 2022

You consider yourself nurturing and responsible and love being around kids. Have you ever considered a part-time job as a nanny?

Nannies play an important role for parents who work full- and part-time, as they provide childcare until their shifts end. There are times when nannies are asked to accompany families during their vacations, too.

Check out some further information about the industry below.

Daily tasks

Nannies work in the homes of the families they care. Those who work part-time may be employed by a few families. Some of the responsibilities may include driving children to and from school, athletic games and practices, or after-school activities.

Working conditions

Nannies work when parents need them most, and that could mean evening or overnight hours. At times they may be asked to pick up groceries or other household supplies with the kids in tow.

Entering the industry

Families looking for part-time nannies typically look for someone with experience in babysitting. If you're trying to get hired by a childcare company, you are expected to meet minimum educational requirements, which vary by state.

Pay day

Nannies earn an average hourly wage of $12 per hour, according to Some can earn as much as $17 per hour.

Hiring forecast

Employment of all childcare workers is projected to grow 14% through 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.  

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